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Happy Merry Holiday Time

The temperature is dropping and snow has already started falling!

Wasn't it just summer yesterday?

Time is flying, don't let it slip away from you. Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, which means that Christmas is barely more then a month away. So much to do in so little time!

Gifts to get. Parties to plan. Fear not, The Blue Mermaid has got you covered on both accounts.

Looking for the perfect gift, look no further. Come in and grab a Blue Mermaid gift card and a pint of our famous salsa! Our salsa is the perfect addition to any party.

Speaking of parties, the Blue Mermaid restaurant is the perfect place to host your next holiday get together!

The Blue Mermaid has the perfect space for parties of any size, from 5 to 140 people in house. We have so many different food options, full of gluten free and vegan friendly options, so that everyone can find something to eat and love! We also have a full bar stocked with everything need to make your favorite holiday cocktail.

Come in and celebrate this joyful holiday season with your friends and family!

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